Shit. I don’t want to assume. But that was really weird. In that moment, i felt once again, that you care for me. Kanina. Kanina ko nalang ulit naramdaman yon. May paki ka sakin. At last. The scene was like this. We saw each other. You were not so far. I can see you clearly though. We waved our hands with each other. And then that stare. That smile. That little conversation. That feeling. You looked so worried about me. That you still care for me. My heart beats fast. We were happy. Everything was wonderful. But the heartbreaking moment? Is that, there was a road that makes us apart from each other. But we cannot cross that road anymore. Because that road might kill us. And that’s the reality. We have different ways. Not meant to be. Everything, t’was not forever. It was just a part and a chapter of my life. And i need to accept it. 

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If nothing lasts forever, can you be my nothing?

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Someday, ill find my man. The one that is proud of having me. The one who is afraid of losing me. The strong one that will fight for me but he’s weak when it comes to me. The one who would respect, love and care for me as much as i do. The one who gets jealous over silly things when it comes to me. The one who could understand me and would love my flaws and accepts who i am. The one who treats me like his mother, sister and best friend. The one who misses me and thinks of me everyday. The one who annoys me but in the end he’ll make me laugh.The boy who cries over me when we’re fighting. The one who appreciates all my efforts even the small things that i’ve done. The man that could give me so many emotions. The one who is loyal and would make me feel like im the prettiest woman on earth. The one who’s with me ups and downs. The one who will never get tired of me. The one who knows every part of me, my likes and dislikes and could cope up with my attitude. The one who isn’t afraid to take risks just to have me and make me happy. The man that could make me feel special. And the man that would never leave me and will marry me whatever happens because he loves me and he’s in love with me. That man maybe imperfect but with me he’ll be perfect. And someday, im going to meet him. Someday.